November 20, 2008

HADAR Videos

Benny Begin Returns to Likud
Arutz Sheva interviews Begin and asks whether it was a change in the Likud or in Benny Begin that precipitated a return. Watch
Dan Meridor Returns to Likud
Arutz Sheva asks Meridor how he, a supporter of negotiations and concessions can work with Benny Begin who does not. Watch
Aryeh Eldad on Hatikvah Party
MK Aryeh Eldad, son of Revisionist Zionist MK Israel Eldad, discusses why he broke away from the new right-wing party being formed by the NRP to form Hatikvah. Watch
Bibi on Bill Mahr
Former Prime Minister and Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu talks to Bill Mahr about Iran and Israeli politics. Watch
Begin Speech on Irgun
An Israeli television segment, "History Now," recalls a Begin campaign speech about Ashkenazi and Sephardic unity in the Irgun (in Hebrew). Watch
Bibi on Hannity & Colmes
Netanyahu discusses the situation in Gaza and with Iran. Watch
Terrorist Shot
Arab Bulldozer Terrorist Shot by Viligant Israeli Civilians. Watch

Jerusalem on Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera hosts and debates a Arabic speaking supporter of a united Jerusalem. Watch

2007 Likud Primaries
Two segments on the likud primaries including interviews with candidates Moshe Feiglin and Danny Danone Watch
Altalena Remembered
Includes an interview with Rabin at the time the commander of the Palmach and a Palmach soldier who recalls how even the wounded were fired upon. Watch
The Jewish War on the Mandate
History Channel on the revolt against Britain. Watch
Jews Blamed for 9-11
CNN investigates and then discusses how Jews are blamed for the 9-11 attacks. Watch
So Called Massacre
How Arabs Lied about Deir Yassin Watch
Kahane v. Olmert
Meir Kahane debates Olmert on Nightline with Ted Koppel. Watch
Is this Your Hero?
Israeli video attacking Arabs for supporting child murderer Samir Kuntar, whom the Olmert government released in exchange for the dead bodies of Jewish soldiers. Watch Read
Haganah & Irgun Training Video
The Irgun Retaliate
Israeli "History Now" segment on British hanging of Irgun soldiers and Irgun retaliatory hanging of British soldiers, and the effect it had on forcing the British leave Palestine. Watch
Bombing of the King David Hotel
The Song of Betar
Video of Betarim to the tune of the Jabotinsky's anthem for Betar. Hebrew lyrics included. Watch
Yosef Trumpeldor
Very short bio clip on Yosef Trumpeldor by Arutz Sheva. Watch