November 1, 2008


Begin: His Life, Words and Deeds by Zvi Harry Hurwis

Lone Wolf: A Biography of Vladimir (Ze'ev) Jabotinsky (2 Volumes) by Shmuel Katz

The Jewish State: The Struggle for Israel's Soul by Yoram Hazony HADAR Review

A Race Against Death: Peter Bergson, America and the Holocaust by David S. Wyman and Rafael Medoff
The Zionist Idea: A Historical Analysis and Reader by Arthur Hertzberg

Defending Identity: Its Indepensible Role in Protecting Democracy by Natan Sharansky with Shira Wolsky Weiss HADAR Review

The Revolt: The Story of the Irgun by Menachem Begin

Fear No Evil by Natan Sharansky

Militant Zionism in America: The Rise and Impact of the Jabotinsky Movement in the United States, 1926-1948 by Rafael Medoff
The Case for Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny & Terror by Natan Sharansky with Ron Dermer
The Life and Times of Vladimir Jabotinsky (2 Volumes) by Joseph B. Shechtman
Perfidy by Ben Hecht
Never Again: The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism by Abraham H. Foxman
Six Days of War: June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East by Michael B. Oren
The Jewish State by Theodore Herzl
Battleground: Fact & Fantasy in Palestine by Samuel (Shmuel) Katz
Terror Out of Zion: The Fight for Israeli Independence by J. Bowyer Bell
A History of Zionism: From the french Revolution to the Establishment of the State of Israel by Walter Laqueur
A History of Israel: From the Rise of Zionism to Our Time by Howard M. Sachar